India has a bountiful of traditions that also translate into the richness of the food we eat. This richness is not just of the spices and the condiments but also of the blessings and love of our ancestors that is passed on in their recipes through generations. Nature Rasa is a mother and daughter run initiative that endeavours to harness this tradition for our customers in the most natural and unadulterated form as possible.

How it all started

Like many, the COVID lockdown made us realise the importance of treating our health with the sanctity it deserved. This meant being mindful about the things we consume. As a result, we started with making our age old pickle and chutney recipes for our loved ones. Their appreciation and encouragement made us expand our kitchen and go to market with our homemade products. And then there was no turning back. 

Every Nature Rasa product is handmade with fairly procured and carefully curated ingredients without any artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. By controlling the end to end production, we make sure that we offer the highest quality products to our customers, and that means that we serve only what we feel fit for consuming ourselves.

This dedication does not just end at preparing our products. We strive to employ the most environment friendly practices across all our operations, including human centric policies in employee and customer management, to make sure that we not only preserve the nature that we take from but also build a culture of building a better society.



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