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Nature Rasa

Litchi Honey

Litchi Honey

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Flavourful example of a 100% naturally made product, Nature Rasa‰۪s Litchi HoneyåÊis made by bees by extracting the nectar of Litchi flowers that bloom in the hills of Uttarakhand. We bring to you this raw honey with all its amazing benefits without infusing any artificial flavours. Being unheated, unpastuerized and unprocessesed, thisåÊraw honey retains its enzyme activity, antioxidant content and nutritional makeup for maximum benefits.
  • Storage: Keep in cool in dry place. Does not need refrigeration.
  • Consumption: Raw honey may crystalize at room temperature. To decrystalize it, put the honey jar in warm water foråÊ a few minutes. Do not heat the jar or the honey directly. This honey lasts for over 24 months.
  • Pairing recommendations:åÊ Goes well with toasts, parathas, waffles, pancakes and any other desserts. Good to have with warm lemon water in the morning to improve digestion.
  • Caution: Contains bee pollen. While it ensure enzyme activity for maximum health benefits, it is not fit for consumption by children less 1 year of age.


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