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Heeng Mango Pickle

Heeng Mango Pickle

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This ZERO OIL pickle is a great addition to your meals. The strong flavour and aroma of Heeng (Asafoetida) makes this traditional pickle pair well with almost every North Indian cuisine. Heeng is a special spice known for its health benefits like aid in digestion and gas, relief from bronchitis and kidney stones, when taken in moderated amounts. Having this spice as a pickle with your meals helps you add these benefits to your diet.åÊ

  • Storage: This pickle is naturally preserved in salt and spices and can be stored in a dry place. It does not need refrigeration.
  • Consumption: Heeng Mango pickle has a long shelf life of around 24 months, provided it is kept away from excessive moisture and always scooped with dry spoons.
  • Pairing suggestions: Goes well with all Indian good like Parathas, Dal Rice, Puris, Khichdi, Khakras, Idli'såÊetc.

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