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Bundeli Haldi Turmeric Powder

Bundeli Haldi Turmeric Powder

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100% pure turmeric powder sourced ethically from a single farm in Bundelkhand. By single sourcing, we ensure that this turmeric is not only free of any impurities or GMO but also very high in quality and nutritional content as it is not mixed with other varieties of produce from multiple farms. It is harvested, washed, low temperature dried on the same farm for end to end quality control. This turmeric powder can also be used for skincare home remedies.

  • Storage:You may empty the content of the spice packet in a clean and dry container and store in a dry place.
  • Colour and taste: Yellow mustard in colour with an earthy taste
  • Usage: Food preparation and cosmetic uses

Net wt. 200 gms


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